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Terms and Conditions Summary

You may access the complete terms and conditions by clicking the link at the end of this summary. If you have any questions or need clarification of any of our terms and conditions, please ask your reservations specialist.

There is SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICING during mid-September to mid-June. Ask you reservations specialist for details. Rents are 10% higher during July and August, and for the holidays of Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. In addition to the rent, local taxes/fees, and cleaning, you will pay a refundable security deposit (usually $250.00) and non-refundable processing fee of $35.00. Your reservation agent will explain your charges in detail.

Rates include a 3.5% TSRA fee, a 9% Sonoma County tax and a Sonoma County Business Improvement Assessment District Surcharge of 2%. Cleaning fees vary, but the average is $100.00. This fee covers the cost of normal cleaning after departure. (The amount of time our experience has shown to be average for the home.). You are expected to care for the home during your occupancy. In the event that the condition of the home requires more cleaning than has been paid for, it will be considered damage and your deposit is subject to withholding for additional cleaning.

Specific restrictions of The Sea Ranch include no more than two vehicles allowed at any home and passes for no more than six persons may be issued by Rams Head Rentals, regardless of the capacity of the home. You may purchase individual day passes for additional people directly from The Sea Ranch Association after your arrival. The Sea Ranch Association office is located at 975 Annapolis Road and their hours are 8:30 to 5:00, Tuesday through Saturday. In accordance with Sea Ranch rules, no more than two car passes per home may be issued by Rams Head or The Sea Ranch Association. Please take this into consideration when making your plans. Payment of your deposit and rent obligates you to adhere to all terms and conditions, including maximum occupancy for the property. The written confirmation you receive will also show the bed sizes, telephone number and features of the home to assist you in planning your visit.

Some homes permit a pet. This means ONE animal unless otherwise specified. No pets are to be left alone in your rental home. Some homes are restricted as to type of pet (e.g. dog only). To be sure, consult with your reservations specialist when choosing your home.

If your home has a hot tub or spa, you are responsible for maintaining it in good condition during your stay. Rinse off sand before entering tub. Do not use any body oils or scented additives in the water. Never leave children unattended in a spa. Observe all precautions regarding use of drugs or alcohol. Hot water is unsafe for pregnant women.


In the event that the spa water is found to be contaminated in any way after your departure, your deposit is subject to withholding to cover the cost of draining and cleaning the spa. All efforts are made to insure that spas are in good working order at all times. Due to our remote location and the difficulty in securing parts in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee the function of a hot tub or spa. No monetary adjustment will be made for its failure. Additionally, no monetary adjustment should be expected for failure of any mechanical device or appliance in the home.

Minimum rental period is two nights during most of the year. Holiday weekends will require three nights or more. All homes have a one week minimum rental during July and August for reservations taken before May 1. During this period, any change to a reservation in dates or results in a stay of less than one week is subject to cancellation charges. For Summer reservations of a shorter duration, please call after May 1.

GUESTS ARE EXPECTED TO BRING THEIR OWN BED LINENS AND TOWELS. There is a limited supply of linen packs available for rent from Rams Head. Rental linens are leased by Rams Head from an outside linen service and MUST be arranged at least one week in advance of arrival. Each king/queen/full linen pack contains 2 flat sheets, 2 standard size pillow cases, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 wash cloths, 1 bath mat, 2 kitchen towels. Twin linen packs contain 2 flat sheets, 1 standard size pillow case, 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, 1 wash cloth, 1 bath mat, 1 kitchen towel. Beds are not made. Sheets are sized for standard king size beds. Pillow cases are sized for standard pillows. Linens may not fit exactly like your home linens. Linens are inventoried after renter departure and shortages/damage are subject to withholding from the security deposit.

DEPOSITS AND CANCELLATIONS: An initial payment will be collected at the time of reservation. Cancellations less than 30 days prior to scheduled date of arrival will result in forfeiture of payment (45 days for arrivals during July, August, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holiday periods). Date or home change in the same period, or changes resulting in stays which are less than minimums will be considered cancellations subject to a cancellation fee of at least $200. The processing fee is not refundable under any circumstances. Cancellations within one week of the scheduled arrival date will result in forfeiture of one night's rent. "No shows" and cancellations made on the arrival date result in forfeiture of all rent. All rents are due 30 days prior to arrival (45 days for arrivals during July, August, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holiday periods).

CANCELLATIONS PRIOR TO JULY, AUGUST, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, AND NEW YEARS HOLIDAY PERIODS: There are no refunds for cancellations within 45 days of arrival for July, August, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holiday periods. However, if Rams Head can re-rent the home, a partial refund may be made. See complete terms and conditions for details.


Click to download the Adobe pdf containing the entire current terms and conditions

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